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How does design a break work?
Please see our “How it works page” here


How do I make a booking?
For accommodation, you can make a booking through the bookit system, simply add a listing to your wishlist and follow the booking icons


How to I create an itinerary?
As you add listings to your wishlist (Accommodation, Activities or Restaurants) you will have the option to add these to your itinerary. This can then be printed or shared via email.  


Can I sign In via Facebook?
Absolutely.  Simply head on over to the sign up page and Login using Facebook. Don’t worry we’ll never post to your wall…


I can’t book using bookit, what am I doing wrong.
Please first ensure you have the accommodation added to your wishlist. If you are still having trouble drop us a line at info@designabreak.co.nz


I want to list my business on designabreak.co.nz how do I go about this?
Fantastic! Drop us a line at info@designabreak.co.nz  and we will get you listed.